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Thank you for your interest in Harrison's Wine Grill & Catering located in State College, Pennsylvania! We are Harrison Schailey and Kit Henshaw, original founders and proprietors of both the State College restaurant and State College catering business. We have built a reputation on a passion for delicious food and wine, and a desire to promote local business and incorporate local ingredients whenever possible.

Our culinary mission began in the mid 90's with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on the life-changing San Francisco Garden Project. This Project instilled a unique appreciation for restaurant-supported agriculture, environmentally sound growing practices and running a socially responsible business. Simply put, we had the privilege to train and apprentice with some of the best Bay Area restaurants and chefs (Chez Panisse, Mustards Grill, and others). From these experiences, we learned important and valuable lessons about providing customers with the best tasting food and, as much as possible, supporting the local community. Today this means buying fresh and local in State College and the greater Central Pennsylvania region whenever possible.

Local, Seasonal

Kit is the business manager, strategist, and dedicated networker. She goes to great effort in finding high quality partners that will join in the mission for Harrison's to provide the best tasting, highest quality farm to table dining experience possible at various times of the year. Her local colleagues share a sincere interest in keeping dollars circulating right here in our own State College economy.

"Right now many of our food purveyors are local and some also organic, and every year our network of local farmers and vendors grows stronger and more diverse and our menu just keeps getting better. At the same time, we value the importance of being honest with our customers and recognizing that when a good quality ingredient is not available locally, we go out of market to find it for them, especially seasonal seafood."

Globally Inspired

Harrison is the chef and artist behind the culinary creations you find in both the dining room and at your catered events. His creations are the result of blending his own tasting experiences with a variety of different ingredients. His greatest influence over the years has been the seasonal cuisine of California's wine country.

"I enjoy creating California-style fusion foods: colorful dishes with many different layers of flavor from a variety of cultures and food influences. Whenever possible, I use fresh locally grown produce, locally baked artisan breads and desserts, and locally farmed dairy and meats - these foods taste better - and for me, what matters is the taste."

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